Prehistory – A Window to the World Before Written Records

Imagine a time before the written word, when our ancestors left their marks not in books, but in stone tools, cave paintings, and ancient relics. This realm, known as prehistory, spans millions of years – from the earliest human ancestors to the advent of writing systems.

Prehistoric archaeology is like a time machine, taking us back to the very dawn of human civilization. It’s an opportunity to explore the earliest chapters of our collective story, written in the language of artifacts and archaeological sites.

Through the lens of prehistory, we witness the evolution of our ancestors, from nomadic hunter-gatherers to settled agriculturists. We see the development of primitive tools, the creation of stunning cave art, and the birth of communal living. We even get glimpses of spiritual practices and social structures that laid the foundation for modern societies.

Prehistory is a fascinating narrative of human resilience, innovation, and evolution. Despite the absence of written records, our ancestors left us a rich legacy etched in stone, bones, and the very landscape they inhabited.

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